Secure safe and Hygienic
We have stabling and paddocks for short term stay for Transport companies and ourselves for horse stopovers and Journey breaks on journeys. All the stables are well ventilated and horses have access to feed and water and light exercise in the paddocks. The stables are Cleaned and disinfected after every change of horse.

We also have a school for lunging and horses can be taken for walks with lead rope if required. The main house looks over the stables and we are 100 metres away from the stables so to ensure good security and in the case of emergency we are at close hand . The lorries can park within 10 metres of the stables for ease of loading and unloading Steam cleaners available for drivers to wash out inside of horse box if required. There is a reasonable chance if the driver smiles he maybe offered a cup of tea as well !! We can bed down on straw or Shavings but shavings are standard at the short term stabling area Fresh hay and standard horse and pony nuts are the main feed although we are happy to feed specific diets if supplied to us.






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