* All our vehicles are type 2 D.E.F.R.A approved and registered for long journeys and Europe wide

* Regular routes throughout the UK Europe

* Using our net work of overnight stablers throughout Europe helps to rest Horses when required

* All the staff are fully qualified and experienced to transport horses

* Fully insured for Hire and Reward transport

* Full break down cover

* All vehicles have full height partitions, interchangeable weave bars if required

* Non slip floors

* Internal cameras in horse area

* Temperature monitoring

* Full ventilation system with Fans, Air conditioning and windows

* Horse mirrors

* Hay nets and water on board when required

* Saddle racks

* All vehicles are fully cleaned and disinfected after every Journey

* Competitive Pricing throughout the UK and Europe PLEASE CALL FOR A FREE IMMEDIATE QUOTE

*Private charter for your horse when you require a direct service with V.I.P CARE

* Passengers taken as well as horses as long as they are well behaved ! !

* Shared loads throughout UK and Europe to help with Financial budgets





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